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Sun, Jun. 1st, 2008, 02:07 pm
Some gold I found this morning

What's the point of facebook

Sun, Jun. 1st, 2008 10:39 pm (UTC)

I read the facebook blog entry a while ago, but it didn't stop me. If everything you do needs to have a point, life would be pretty boring. I mean, I could write a blog entry titled "The point of KoL". But I agree that facebook has a whole lotta crap.

The lolcat comic made my day though!

Mon, Jun. 2nd, 2008 06:50 am (UTC)
jerbu: ...

Hahaha, genious.

Sun, Jun. 1st, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)

Amen on the facebook thing :)

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Sat, Apr. 9th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)

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